Riding is complicated yes? WRONG

Why riding is complicated or not as the case may be

Riding is complicated yes? That’s what we are led to believe in this modern world and it scared us in many many ways. However what if I was to tell you that how you use your seat in riding isn’t that complicated its, actually really simple you just need to stop looking for a more complicated version.


This is the basics

There is a lot more to riding a horse than just how you sit, and yes I will admit it gets more complicated as you go up the scales and become more advanced. However we are on about the basics here, going forwards, stopping and steering your horse. Simple walk trot and canter. Some people are afraid to even attempt these things or are nervous upon riding their horse in case they get it wrong.


What if it goes wrong?

Firstly, please show me the handbook that tells me the right and wrong way to ride a horse. You could say look at the BHS, look at Monty Roberts, look at classical riding, look at Parelli. But you see if there is a right and a wrong way not all these people can be right can they? So every one of these people and organisations have a opinion on how to ride based on their experience and personal beliefs. That does not mean its right it just means its their way.

Your first homework is to remember.

  1. There is no right or wrong way to ride
  2. There is only what works best for you and your horse
  3. If someone does not like your method and you are not abusing your horse, (because that’s a big no no) then that persons opinion. Because that’s all it is a opinion doesn’t mean anything to you.
  4. Its meant to be fun and enjoyable, its to expensive and dangerous as a hobby not to enjoy it. If your not enjoying it due to pressure your putting on yourself or from others. Find something you do enjoy no matter what that is and rock it out.



I call seat bones butt feet. Your butt feet match the horses feet. Do what you want the horse to do with your own butt feet and generally speaking you will get the required result. We even wrote you a book. If you want to know more about those butt feet of your check it out here.


That’s it, I told you it was simple.