You Dressage

You Dressage

You Dressage

We know competing might not be inclusive for where you are at right now. Not got the transport, health issues getting in the way. or maybe your just not there yet there is so many reasons when life gets in our way.
So, we thought we needed to rectify this with You Can dressage, a online showing competition with you and your horse in mind.
🥳Walk only tests.
🥳A variety of classes to include everyone.
🥳Brand new dressage tests created by renowned author of bestselling books “Cobs Can” Omar Rabia.
We teamed up with the amazing Omar Author of “Cobs Can” and owner of the beautiful horse Ketchup to bring you some fantastic new dressage tests for all riders, abilities and horses.

The Classes

ClassDescriptionClosing Date
L Plates Learners, newbies or coming back to it a bit rusty. (Horse or Rider) 20th of the month
On the Line Any of the dressage tests just on 2 lines. Its long lining or 2 line lunging. 20th of the Month
The OvercomersHow you deal with how it goes! For horses overcoming issues, a little more sensitive or just outright have an attitude issue. 20th of the month
Dress - Down - AgeAny tack you like. We don't mind if you are part this part, part that or bareback as long as you and horse are comfy and safe. 20th of the month
Squat Not trotThe best ridden trot award. Any ridden dressage test you enter you automatically get entered into this extra class free. 20th of the month

Coming Next Month is –

Flying without wings – From Poles on the floor to skys the limit.
Transformation Tuesday – We want to see the before and after photos of all your hard work. This is a photo only class, so you don’t even have to get your video skills out just snap a photo and dig out of the archives.
No sensation no feeling – Limb Impairment – for individuals who have little to no feeling in their limbs while riding for any reason.

The tests

Download your test here! Or if you are like me and want to scribble your notes all over them and have something you can take our in the rain grab the printed version.

Not sure what the tests are like? Take a look at the 1st part of the walk 1 sheet and see what you think.

Ways to Enter

  1.  Add the tests you want to your basket. You have a choice between downloadable and printed and waterproof. If you’re unsure you can grab all 6 for £3.
  2. Add the class/ classes you want to participate into your basket.
  3. Once you have purchased your get your downloads emailed to you or your printed versions sent out to you asap.
  4. Get practicing and have fun doing it. Tag us in any picture of your strutting yourself ready for that final cut.
  5. Send us your video before the 20th of the month with your invoice number on via email to We use we transfer link here to make it quick and easy, it’s totally free of charge to. But as long as it’s on that email we are not fussy.

If you get stuck email us or call us – It’s no big deal technology is a pain to all of us sometimes.

If you have any questions, it’s our pleasure to help you.

If there are any classes, you want us to run. Drop us a message and we will see what magical appears next month.